Airline Flybe has

Airline Flybe has , leaving 75,000 passengers facing uncertainty about how how to get refunds or replacement flights. Flybe was a small-scale airline with eight planes flying 21 routes to 17 destinations across the UK and Europe.   But the firm said it had gone into administration in a shock announcement over the weekend.  The firm employed 321 workers, 277 of […]

has reportedly been offered exciting new on-screen opportunities by amid claims she was left ‘furious over a string of embarrassing errors’ on Good Morning Britain.  An insider told that bosses are hoping to secure her long-term future on the show after they feared she would quit. The source said: ‘ has some phenomenal programming ideas built around Susanna for later […]

Bitcoin fraudsters involved in £21 million scam are jailed

A group of criminals who made so much money from a £21 million scam they handed out £5,000 gift cards on the street have been jailed. Stephen William Boys, 59, and Kelly Caton, EvdeN eVe naKliYAt 45, have been found guilty of fraud, converting and transferring criminal property.Jordan Kane Robinson, 25, and James Austin-Beddoes, 28, were also found guilty.  Preston […]

Brother of Aussie soccer star Garang Kuol taunts after skipping bail

The brother of rising Australian soccer sensation Garang Kuol continues to taunt police months after skipping bail on fraud charges.  Kuol Mawien Kuol has appeared on social media with his other famous brother Alou Kuol during a fancy party aboard a yacht on ‘s Darling Harbour. Kuol remains at large after failing to show in court on July 22 in Victoria and […]

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